DJ Mirus comes from the north of the Czech Republic. He has been active in the club scene since 2010. He is the resident Dj at the Club Ponorka and Club Raketa. Since 2014 he is cooperation with recording company Ex-tract Records. He represents musical style of Minimal combined with Techno. As a promoter and DJ he is organizing underground parties named „Deep dance night“ in the private club „Bunker“, which was previously used as a bomb shelter. He also organizes regular parties named „Technologic“, „Euphory Night“ and „FM night“ since 2013, which has hosted the front Czech DJs, for example: Tráva, Ladida, Quickie, Mountain, Pavel Krejdl, Pietro, Home, Molczik, Daho, Vasquez, Loutka, MattEss, and anothers. He is currently devoted to producing his own music and performing in live shows.

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